About subscription plan

Information on Pocket Sound subscription plan.

What's subscription plan?

A subscription plan is a plan that allows you to use as many materials as you like by paying a monthly fee and does not require credit.

Monthly cost

  • Basic:$15
  • Advanced(for company) : $100
* When buying material by one.

1 sound effect : $5
1 music : $10

Payment method

The payment method is PayPal.

Difference in plan

Use Basic Advanced
Music for games and videos
Music for games for sale
Music in the hall
TV / Radio X
Incorporation into products X
Corporate use X

Join the subscription plan

Please click the subscribe button to complete the payment procedure.



Cancel the subscription plan

Click the Unsubscribe button to cancel the payment process.

* At the time of cancellation, there is no refund on a daily basis.


What happens to the material usage after cancellation?

Works and videos produced during the contract can be used continuously without credit. Credit is required for works produced after cancellation.


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