About no credit plan

If you can't credit, you can use the pocket sound material for a fee.

* The credit is to write that you are using pocket sound material.
(e.g.) Sound effects(music) by Pocket Sound.


This plan has the following charges per 1 material.

  • 1 sound effect : $5
  • 1 music : $10 or $20

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

Payment method

The payment method is paypal.

Please pay by pressing the buy license button on the website.

After payment is complete, start using the material without credit.

Term of use

  • By paying the fee, you can use it without credit.
  • If you want to use the material you purchased once for a different game, video, or work, there is no additional charge.

About subscription plan

With the subscription plan, you can use the materials as much as you want, and no credit is required.

About subscription plan


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